To GTD or not to GTD.

Lets face it.  I’ve read the David Allen books, listened to the audio books, read the blogs, various articles, blog posts, etc., ad naseum,  and have tried….really tried to implement GTD.  And I end up falling flat on my face in the world of time management every time.  Seriously, I’ve wondered if there was a GTD Anonymous meeting I could attend as I felt that I was a total GTD failure.   Then I happened on this blog post at, entitled: “26 Reasons Not to Use GTD“.  Though written in 2008 it made a lot of sense and now I’m at a loss at why I invested so much of my time and energy into GTD.

I still want to improve my time management skills so I recently went through my library and dusted off a couple of resources that I’ve had for years.  The first was a book written Richard Winwood, “Time Management: An Introduction to the Franklin System” and the second was a cassette tape series entitled: “The Insight System for Planning Your Time and Your Life“, taught by Charles R Hobbs.  The book is based on the original Franklin Day Planner (now Franklin-Covey), and the tape series, on the Day-Timer planner.  Both planners are awesome, by the way and are almost similar. The principles taught in these dated resources are still sound and, in my humble opinion, are easier to implement than that of GTD.

Unfortunately I’m missing some of the cassettes from the “Insight” series, so while I scour the house looking for them I’m going to give Richard Winwood’s book another read and see if I can untangle my time management nightmare.

So….I’ve babbled on about time management long enough.  Anyone have time management suggestions, you’d like to share?


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